BuyNothing Shipping
Our easy and secure service to send a gift at no cost to the sender and no need to package the gift!

There are 3 easy steps...
3 Steps for Shipping
Our shipping service is easy, secure, and scam-proof!
You can ship any gift that meets our guidelines.
Step 1
Step 1
The Sender Enters the Package Info
Provide a description of the package you are sending to the Recipient.
Step 2
Step 2
The Recipient Pays $12.99 or $19.99 For Shipping
The Recipient will receive a message requesting payment for shipping. There's a flat rate shipping cost of $12.99 for anything up to one pound, and $19.99 for packages weighing up to 30 pounds.
Step 3
Step 3
The Sender Ships the Gift
After the Recipient has paid for shipping, the Sender will receive a QR code. The Sender then takes the gift to the nearest UPS Store and shows them the QR code. The UPS Store will package the gift and ship it for you!
Shipping FAQs
Some commonly asked questions to help get you started:
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Why is Buy Nothing now allowing shipping?
There are many reasons why we're providing a shipping feature in the Buy Nothing app:
  • In some communities where a Buy Nothing gift economy is still growing, members can participate instead in the global gift economy, asking for and giving items via our shipping tool.
  • Often, local neighbors might not have the item you're asking for or no one may want what you're gifting, but someone further away may see your post and can offer to pay for shipping if you'd be willing to drop it off at the UPS Store.
  • Shipping through our in-app shipping tool is scam-free. Your address is kept private and payment through the app is simple and your private data is safe.
  • Shipping items to people who truly want them beats sending them to the landfill. This person-to-person reuse and transfer of perfectly-usable goods fits well within our mission of diverting as many resources as we can from becoming waste.
How are packages shipped?
Packages are shipped via UPS ground residential.
What territories are supported?
For this pilot program, we're currently only shipping in the US. We'll include other countries over time.
If I've paid for shipping and the gift is never sent, do I get a refund?
Yes. The Buy Nothing Project will refund you 100%.
How did Buy Nothing set the price for shipping?
We've partnered with UPS for Buy Nothing shipping, and negotiated a flat rate charge of $12.99 for small packages weighing up to 1lb. and $19.99 for large (17 inches x 24 inches) poly bag shipments or items you can package yourself.
What are the full requirements and details for shipping?
You'll find everything on the Shipping Requirements page.
What are the full terms for Buy Nothing shipping?
You'll find all of the details on the Shipping Terms page.