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From the beginning, we've envisioned a BuyNothing platform that fully supports all the wonderful ways people share with others in their community. Some of those ways are made possible in the app today, but sooo many are not yet possible in the app, or at least not very easy: Round Robbins, Lending Libraries, access to items when you don't have a car... Help us better support the sharing in our communities, and in a way that fully embodies the BuyNothing spirit and ethos.

This survey is to get your feedback, thoughts, wishes, on a number of things that we could make possible, and easier, in the app.

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Below are a number of things that people already do, through workarounds, offline, etc., in our BuyNothing communities.

Tell us if and how you'd like to see these things made possible in the app!
1. Pickups and Deliveries - An Optional Fee-Based Service
Many people don't have a means to pickup an item. Thankfully, there are also many generous people currently that offer the gift of pickups and deliveries. It's also a shame that many items don't find new owners simply because of logistics, time, and means. We can do better. This feature would introduce an optional fee-based service that provides local pickup and delivery of gifted items.

2. Connect with Makers
Our communities are full of makers and creators. What if we could make it easier for us to discover Makers around us that are repurposing and refashioning things into new beautiful items? We'd see this as a separate channel in the app that supports a vibrant, Maker marketplace where old materials are given new life, and makers decide if the item is free or for a fee.

3. Connect with Fixers
Things break. Finding someone to fix it is hard. Let's face it - it's easier to throw it away in many cases. Let's stop the unnecessary waste. There are people around us that have the skills and want to help someone in their community by repairing a bike, a chair, a faucet. We see this as a place to find someone in your community with the skills to help give your item a new life, whether for free or a fee, and keep it out of the landfill.
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We'd love to know what you think about these initiatives. If you're a Maker or Fixer, we'd love to know more about what you create and what you can fix. If you're not a Maker or Fixer yet, would you be interested in learning how to become one? Do you have another idea that would help create a strong circular economy that builds connections between people and keeps materials in use?
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