Buy Nothing Deliveries Pilot Project

Announcing Qualified Local Deliveries, Moving and Junk Hauling for Buy Nothing-ers
Many of you have asked for help picking up large Buy Nothing gifts - You can always request the Gift of pick-up and delivery help, but that’s not always possible. Currently, many large items go to the landfill simply because transporting them presents a challenge. We’re working to solve this problem!
If you live in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or Portland, OR, discounted deliveries are now available for you as an experimental pilot project. If your neighbors are not able to help you get your gift moved for free, we’ve forged a connection with Dolly, a licensed and bonded company that hires background-checked neighbors to help with transport and heavy lifting.
Dolly Helpers are standing by to pick-up and deliver anything you might need moved from A to B. While this is a paid service, you’ll receive a Buy Nothing discount—and you support a neighbor who works in the gig economy, utilizing their vehicle to help move items such as large appliances, sofas, tables, large furniture, etc. Dolly has their own claims department to deal with issues that sometimes come up when large or heavy items are being moved.
Please visit, use the gift code GRATITUDE, and book your pick-up and delivery today! PS, this code works with any Dolly service, whether you’re moving a single Buy Nothing gift or an entire apartment.
If you’re not in one of our pilot cities and would like this service, please let us know via this form.
This is the section of the fine print where we’d announce that this is an affiliate partnership, except Buy Nothing will not receive anything from your use of Dolly’s services - Right now, we’re passing the benefits of this relationship with entirely on to you!