2 New App Features

Introducing 2 New App Features
Update your app today for 2 new features: Everyone now has access to a feature that shows who likes your posts, and if you're a Sustaining Member, you can now bookmark your favorite posts.
To enable these features, be sure you’re using BuyNothing 2.0.2 (186). You can tell which version of the app you’re using by going to your app settings: Go to “Me” page, then click on the gray gear in the upper right corner of the screen and then just below “Settings” in the upper left part of the screen you’ll see your version number.
We'd like to send an extra thank you to all Sustaining Members for subscribing to our premium features, and for being early adopters and testers of our newest features! Over the course of your membership, you’ll be first to receive our newest global features as well as special bells and whistles reserved for Sustaining Members. Please update your app because we’ve already built a new one for you, available in point release: Bookmarks!
When you're a Sustaining Member, this feature empowers you to track your favorite posts by bookmarking them, and then you can filter your posts by viewing your bookmarks in the Home feed. Easy!
We’ve also released to everyone the ability to see who likes your posts. Just click on the 3 dots at the upper right corner of your posts and you’ll enjoy a look at your supportive fans! Share the love with your neighbors and “like” their posts, too.
We’ll do our best to let you know when new features are made available so you can enjoy them. Keep an eye out in the app for posts from Buy Nothing Community, check our blog here for updates, and follow us on social media to stay in touch (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and soon on TikTok)
Quick Tip for Everyone: Did you know that you can jump back to the top of the main Home feed by simply clicking on the Home button? We didn’t either. Just discovered that gem this week!
Yours in Gifting,
Liesl & Rebecca
Your Buy Nothing Volunteer Co-Founders