Buy Nothing 2.0.3 is Live!

Every Buy Nothing App user is now updated to our latest point release, 2.0.3, and we’re excited to announce the following new features and fixes:

Global Posts from the Buy Nothing Community: Tips and Announcements that everyone around the world can comment on. We’re most excited about the global discussions we’ll be able to have, focusing on app features and tips and sharing ideas and inspiration to help us all reduce-reuse-rethink and enjoy the Buy Nothing lifestyle. You’ll also be able to share these posts on other platforms, to invite more people into Buy Nothing.

New post status: “Ask - No Longer Needed”. By popular demand, we’ve added this new feature to the “Ask” post status options. If you’ve asked for something but no longer need it for any reason, use this status to remove your post from the Active posts feed.

Sharing posts: Now you can share links to your own posts outside of BuyNothing! You can also share our Buy Nothing Community global posts. This makes it easy if you’d like to cross-post in your Buy Nothing group on Facebook, to your own timeline or Twitter feed, etc. This is a great way to build your BN community!

View Community Members: Toggle between “latest to join” and “earliest to join”. You can now see who has most recently joined your community and who the first adopters of the Buy Nothing app were in your community by toggling the sorting tab on your Community page. You’ll find this toggle below the green “Invite a friend” button and the “People in Your Community” header. Welcome your neighbors as they join BN!

Subscription screen update: We’ve included a “Learn more” link for details about our Sustaining Member benefits.

Feed is more responsive to screen orientation changes: In grid view, you can now see more columns in landscape mode!

Several bug fixes: As always, we’re chasing and squashing bugs that come up, like the ever-persistent notification glitches!