Do we have to choose between the App and FB?

We've gotten this question more than once;), so we thought we'd just insert it here. Perhaps you have the same question (Thanks, LaTonya)!

QUESTION: Will groups have a choice to remain on Facebook? Is there an option to have both (more work) but some members don’t feel capable or wanting to change.

RESPONSE: All Buy Nothing groups, no matter what platform they are on, are welcome to stay wherever they are. We, as the project, are not in the Facebook groups, we do not have control over them. FB Admins and group members can participate in this project any way they’d like! People can be in both the app and in a Buy Nothing Facebook group. It’s all good! All sharing is welcome, no matter where it is.

The mission of the Buy Nothing project has always been to make our network of Buy Nothing gift economies as inclusive and accessible as possible. Regarding our new platform, and the new BuyNothing mobile app, please understand that we have learned that so many people are not able to participate in this project because they are not on FB. There are also a growing number of people who are only on FB due to Buy Nothing. They have asked us to create something new.

FB Admins are welcome to register in the app as a Community BuildersRead more about Community Builders here. In terms of work load, we believe you'll find the 'work' in the app is a light lift. Our hope is that Community Builders will continue all of the wonderful community building work to preserve the Buy Nothing ethos and guidelines in the app, and be happy that they no longer need to administer signups and deal with sprouting! If you are a FB Admin, head over to our special page and register as a Community Builder to get recognized in the app. You will also find on that page details around why we built the new platform to be inclusive of everyone, on and off Facebook.

So in summary, share where you want to! The abundance mindset can challenge our scarcity thinking to help us see that there’s plenty for us to share, wherever we are, no matter what venue we use to share. Of course, we hope you’ll join this next chapter of the Buy Nothing experiment with us on our independent app, following our independent spirit, and helping us to build something special for the world that’s uniquely suited for us all.

Kindest regards,