The Buy Nothing Forest

Plant a tree in the Buy Nothing Forest and you'll be giving SO MANY GIFTS: 
  • The gift of clean air 
  • The gift of food, jobs, shade, and beauty 
  • The gift of carbon sequestration
  • The gift of joy when you follow your tree online 
  • Support for the Buy Nothing Project (we get a small percentage of each tree contribution to cover our monthly operating expenses)
  • All of the above shared with another person when you gift stewardship of your Buy Nothing Forest tree to them!

For more about what we're up to with help from Treedom, click through here to visit the Buy Nothing Forest portal! From now until 15 January, 2023, you can get 20% off your Buy Nothing Forest tree contribution by using GIVE20 in the discount code field when you check out. 

Thank you for helping us plant a thriving forest as a gift to our fellow humans, animals, and beloved Mother Earth!