Hatred and Sedition Are Not Welcome in the Buy Nothing Project

As we become aware of Buy Nothing Project group leaders who participated in the protest and violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th, we are taking action to remove them from all of the support groups we host or steward to provide resources, mentorship, training, and group development assistance to people around the world who are helping their communities join this movement. We also maintain a public online list of all groups that identify as part of the Buy Nothing movement around the world, and we will continue to remove from this list and its associated maps all groups led by people who took part in derailing the function of the United States Congress on January 6th. Should there be future such events, we will expand our work to remove people who take part in those.
We base our decisions on reliable reporting from responsible journalists as well as from personal direct communication, and will take action wherever we have the power. We cannot take any action to remove leaders or members from any local Buy Nothing gift economy group, as these groups are all independently led. If your local group is led or impacted by people from active hate groups, or people who are actively working to destroy norms of pluralistic democratic governance, we urge you to use the Start A Group resources on our website to create a new group for your community, in line with the Buy Nothing Project’s mission. You can learn more about the Buy Nothing movement in the Community Agreement created by the Equity Team to support conversations and connections between people, and in the Fine Print that provides an open source foundation for each Buy Nothing group.
– Liesl Clark & Rebecca Rockefeller, Buy Nothing Project co-founders and co-volunteers, 15 January 2021