Happy Birthday BuyNothing!

What a year it's been! Buy Nothing Day is the day we launched the BuyNothing app, in 2021, and the BuyNothing app is now 1 year old! 

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app and is participating on our platform, all 610K of you. 

Our growth is phenomenal. 

Each day, we're averaging 1,200 downloads per day and now we have assembled a stellar team of expert developers, designers, marketing and research team who are volunteering their time to help us develop and design new features and stay on top of bugs in the app. Thank you so much, Sarah, Joel, Alexandra, Niina, and Alex! 

If your community isn't hopping yet, get in the app and invite 10 of your friends to join in the Giving and Asking. There's nothing better than a vibrant gift economy in your neighborhood. Click here to visit our Build page that's full of resources for you to start building community in the app!