New BuyNothing App Update!

We’re excited to share with you a sneak peek at our Landing Page and working logo of our New BuyNothing app!

We’re on track for beta testing this May. 
Beta Testing News:
We’re getting very close to beta test time! We still have some space for beta test cluster communities in Australia, Canada, and the United States. If you’re interested in joining one of these clusters, please sign up via our waitlist form on our new website,
What we’re looking for in a beta test group: 
  • Participants who will dedicate at least a month to sharing exclusively on the app. 
  • We hope to have at least 500 people in each test cluster. So, if you’re interested please get your friends and neighbors to sign up so we can make it happen in your hometown! 
Sign up for Beta Testing via the form at: 
App Development Work Flow: We’ve launched into the app development process in earnest. We’re working in “weekly sprint cadences.” That means each week we work with the development team to determine what discrete portion(s) of the project (as defined by the agreed-upon scope) the team will build in the coming week. The team spends each week building the agreed-upon discrete element(s) and returns to us at the end of the week to show us their work-product and to solicit our feedback. We repeat the same process each week (for about 8 – 9 weeks) until the “closed beta” version of the application is completed in May. This weekly cadence offers a tight feedback/iterative loop that will help to keep us intimately aligned with the development team throughout the development process. We’re now entering into our third week of development, and things are getting more exciting each day. 
App Look & Feel: 
  • In addition to core functionality that will enable you to share with neighbors as you do today, we are extremely excited to introduce some new features that we know you will absolutely love (because you’ve told us how much you want them). 
  • We’re already working on more features to make sharing and building community all that much easier for everyone who loves being part of gift economy culture. We’re excited to add these to our app as each feature is ready to launch, so expect new developments on a regular basis over time. 
  • We believe what we’re building has the possibility to truly change our real world experiences in our communities.
  • We believe the possibilities will be endless with regards to how we can give/ask/share gratitude more readily with our neighbors and communities.
  • We are building this app from the ground up to empower each person using it to build community and connections in ways that work for them. We each have complicated identities and are members of multiple communities, and our app respects this reality. 
Buy Nothing Project in the News: 
If you’ve missed them, the following are some samples of the news coverage the project has received in the past few weeks. We’re growing, as evidenced by the increased awareness about the Project in the media and with the numbers of people signing up, and hence our email inbox is full of media inquiries each day! Our gratitude to the Buy Nothing community leaders and participants who take the time for these interviews. Your stories are an inspiration!