The Walker Family Experiment

April 16, 2013 055

We are the Walker family.  A modern day, large, homeschooling family.  Our oldest son, Jordan, is not pictured because he’s out on his own and pictured from left to right back row are identical twins, Brandon and Taylor, Savannah and Cameron.  Front row left to right has Austin, Leilani, identical twin girls Hailey and Madison with Preston in-between and Kaitlyn on the end.  Sean has been a previous school bus driver and is now looking for work in the computer industry and I am a happy, stay-at-home Mom.  We have really been inspired by the Buy Nothing Project and even though we are used to preserving and using hand-me-downs, donating our used items to non-profit places and make many things from scratch, we aren’t the garden growing, tree hugging family.  It has been easier to hit up sales at stores or grab what we want when we want it, instead of trying to find used items to love.

Since the Buy Nothing Project started in our neighborhood, we have been on board completely and we got to thinking, what if we could get by for a month through a gifting community?  What if we could give our children their Birthday parties by borrowing decorations that don’t hurt the environment, by borrowing from a community lending library of table settings?  What if I could gather up the homeschool supplies I might need from a community that might have things laying around that we could use?  I am always up for a challenge and my family is on board for this so we are going to give it a try!

The challenge will be that we have three birthdays and one anniversary in August.  Won’t you join us as we experiment to see if our large family can succeed in a gifting community by spending less and reusing more?


5 comments on “The Walker Family Experiment

  1. Count on me to borrow whatever you need!!!

  2. GREAT idea. My birthday is August 29, and I am inspired. Who is having the birthdays, ages, sexes, etc. I LOVE to give presents!

  3. Forgot to click the notify box. Done!

  4. Thank you! 🙂 Cameron will turn 11 on the 19th. Our anniversary is the 22nd. Leilani will turn 10 on the 25th and hubby’s bday is the 27th! Busy month. So glad we are inspiring you. Please continue to follow us because I’m sure it will be quite the journey!

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