Day 5

I am amazed at how beautiful this gifting community is and this journey is such a learning experience.  I am going to give a brief summary of what we gave or received each day and since our family is always a curious subject for some, I decided to also include how much we spent each day.  As we go through the month, I hope to show how our family saves money and how much we would have spent on items or food we receive from our gifting community.


August 1:  I gave away some stuffed animals and some crafts.  I received a beautiful bundle of collard greens from someone’s garden which we cooked up into a nice southern side dish.  The cost for our family was $24 for groceries and $13 for trash compactor bags.

July 29, 2013 339

August 2:  Taylor made S’mores cookies and we gave a dozen away to 3 people and I gave away a 50th Anniversary Mickey hat.  We didn’t receive anything but I also didn’t ask for anything.  We spent $108 on food and necessities.

August 4, 2013 005

August 3:  We gave away a darling Ice-cream carousel that I will never use, a couple of Food Network magazines and a DVD set called Jibberboosh.  I received some detergents, probably enough to last our family a few months and Savannah received a very creepy gorilla mask.  This was the first day that we asked for something specifically with our experiment in mind. I have to admit that it takes some effort to switch into the mode of asking before buying.  Savannah was getting her things ready to head for camp this week and since we have shared bottles of shampoo and soap for the girls, we realized we would have to get her some for camp.  I started to make a shopping list and Savannah reminded me that we should check our Buy Nothing community first.  So I did!  Within seconds I had a reply and we were able to get her a lovely assortment of travel sized items.

August 4, 2013 003

Someone else saw my request and rather than post anything, gave Savannah another bag of products.

August 4, 2013 004

I also requested 18 eggs for breakfast and had two offers right away.

August 4, 2013 007

Here is where this gifting community starts to really become amazing:  I asked if anyone had pants for Savannah for camp.  Her jeans have all met with mishaps lately.  One friend said to stop by her place and have coffee and let Savannah look through her stash, which I planned to do but the wonderful person who brought us our 18 eggs, left a pair of pants that fit perfectly!  It not only saved us money but it saved us time!

August 4, 2013 002

So the cost for the day was $98 for food, which was partly for teen snacking but we saved approximately $50 by using our Buy Nothing community.


August 4:  We gave away a wine chiller and a pair of tap shoes.  We received two lovely loaves of sourdough bread.  They weren’t offered up and we didn’t ask.  It was just a beautiful gift for our family because of Buy Nothing.  Since I was gone most of the day, delivering one child to camp and picking up another, I didn’t have much interaction with the community.  It cost us $5 for a toll, $13 for the child and I to eat fast food on the way back from camp, $40 for gas and $10 for Brandon and Taylor to go on a church outing for a total of $63.

August 5:  We gave away a children’s book, a cake dish and some smoked paprika.  We received an ice-cream maker, a couple of backpacks for a project my kids are doing for the local food bank and again, we received a completely unexpected offer of clothing.  I received a message asking me if I would like to go through some clothes and when I arrived at the meeting place there were buckets full of clothes!  I came home with pj’s for the boys, an entire winter wardrobe for Savannah a few items for Kaitlyn, a storage unit to put under my folding table in the laundry room, some material and yarn for some craft items and I met a wonderful person!  We spent $34 on food today but we saved $$$ on clothing that we most likely would have spent in the fall!

There was one more exchange that took place that really showed me how thoughtful and giving people can be.  Someone was giving something away that I wanted and they brought it by but they left this…

August 4, 2013 001

Love, love, love the thoughtfulness and the note!

Until next time…


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  1. I live in Bellingham Mass I’m very interested
    In the buy nothing project

  2. Hi Flo!
    Did you find your hyper-local Buy Nothing community group? Please have a look at the list, and copy/paste the link for your neighborhood into your browser, which will then give you an option to ‘request to join.’ https://buynothingproject.org/find-a-group/ Thanks for your interest in our social experiment!

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