Day 27

August 19, 2013 005

I can’t believe that we are on Day 27 of this Buy Nothing experiment!  This picture shows some of the bounty that we’ve received since my last update and I am continually surprised by the generosity and gifts that keep coming out of the wood work.  Some of what we’ve asked for on the Buy Nothing Facebook page has been given to us but there have been so many gifts that have been unseen by the members of our group.  I am blown away by my community.  I have received private messages offering garden delights, clothes, toys, therapy for mother, gift ideas for my kids birthdays and so much more!  I have found that as people get to know us and our needs, that they will often show up at our door with a bag of this or that and it’s not so much the “stuff” that they’ve brought but it’s the thoughtfulness and time they’ve taken to stop by.  Such a blessing!

August 19, 2013 022

Just one of the monstrous sized zucchini we were given fed our family for one meal.  We were able to shred some and freeze it for chocolate zucchini cake later in the fall.

As I mentioned in my introduction post, we have a full month of birthdays and an anniversary.  I wasn’t sure how we would pull it off without spending anything but I was willing to try and aside from the cake and gifts given by others, we pulled it off for Cameron’s 11th birthday.

Camerons Bday

This picture shows the gifts that Cameron received from our Buy Nothing group which were a gift card from a local shop, a balloon creation kit, a science lab kit, a solar kit and an experience at a wooden boat school.  I can tell you that the kits have kept him busy for hours!


We had moved away for 18 months and somehow between the move away and the move back, I have managed to never replace my stash of birthday candles.  I wind up at every birthday with a cake, about to serve it and no candles.  I quick put out a plea to my Buy Nothing group and was amazed at the innovative ideas that showed up.  One was for crayons with a cool link for ideas and another person suggested tea lights.  I remembered that I had a large bag full of tea lights so we made it work!  I think it looked pretty cool.

After Cameron’s birthday was our anniversary.  19 years.  Where did time go?  I can’t believe it.  We have been blessed to have spent our anniversaries in some beautiful places like Prince Edward Island and Hawaii but this year we decided to keep it subtle and not spend any money.  Turns out someone contacted my hubby and they had made a plan for him to go pick some beautiful, fresh flowers to surprise me with.  I was so touched!


Leilani’s birthday was just the other day and I was really nervous about hers.  She wanted a Disney’s Brave themed birthday and I was not sure how I would pull that off without buying anything.  I first sent out a Facebook invite that I created on the computer.

Leilani's bday invite

I then posted a request for some gift items in the Buy Nothing group.  I asked for archery related items and paper craft items to which I immediately received a response from someone at our local archery range, offering a gift of time and lessons to Leilani as a gift.  It was such a beautiful gesture that it brought tears to my eyes.

Leilanis Bday

Everything in this collage of pictures was free and Leilani loved every single item!  She had such a wonderful birthday and I managed to pay nothing for her actual birthday but I wasn’t sure how I would manage the party with her young friends the next day.

Our Buy Nothing group has a wonderful lending library so I borrowed these delightful buntings for the party.

August 26, 2013 012

I made goodie bags using paper lunch bags that have been sitting around forever and I printed out little sayings from Disney’s Brave movie to stick to the front.

August 26, 2013 003

Now you’re probably wondering what went into the goodie bags…  Yes, I spent $20 on party favors which I purchased at the Dollar Store.  I printed out a few things from Disney’s Spoonful which I used for goodies also.

The girls watched the theme movie but I wanted to have them play games as well so we got creative with that and played pin the arrow on the target.

August 26, 2013 023

We also provided live themed music for a Scottish rendition of Happy Birthday.

August 26, 2013 029

Leilani really wanted to dress up like Merida from Brave so I put out a last minute request for any type dress that might be like Merida’s and someone immediately offered up not only a dress that was easily fixed to be a Merida dress but also the dress that Savannah is wearing in the picture above.  Leilani was so thrilled with the costume!

August 26, 2013 042

So other than birthdays and an anniversary, our last few weeks have been fairly quiet and to catch you up, we’ve spent approximately $700 on food and necessities since my last post. I will be posting again at the end of the month with a complete synapsis of our first month of the Buy Nothing experiment.

Thanks so much for following along!  It’s been an amazing experience so far!

Until next time!


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