Letter From a BN Admin

By Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

As promised, I’d like to share this little story about how the Buy Nothing Project has impacted my life. This is Hans Olo. Hans is a foster dog, living with me while the Woof Project finds him a permanent home. Originally, he was picked up as a stray dog in California somewhere. Then he was adopted. He was then returned, because he played too rough. He was then shipped up here to WA and entrusted to us. I have 3 other dogs, and of course they have a million toys, but I really wanted Hans to feel welcome in our house. I wanted him to have his *own* toys and a bed and I wanted him to feel safe.

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

Being that it was January, not long after Christmas, and my partner and I run a small remodeling company, all I can say is – things were pretty tight. It’s like this every year, and I’m used to it. Nobody wants you remodeling their houses during the holiday season. Basically, I didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on dog toys. So, I thought I’d give this Buy Nothing thing a shot.

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

In that picture, you can see Hans playing with the Kong Frisbee that was gifted to us by a Buy Nothing member. Somewhere behind him is a plush toy that came along with it. Each night he eats and drinks out of dog dishes that came from the same person.

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

At bedtime, he sleeps on a futon soon to be covered with a futon cover that I received from a different Buy Nothing member, and when we take him upstairs to meet the other dogs in our house, we all get to relax and get to know each other, thanks to some baby gates that I also received through Buy Nothing.

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik

These may all seem like very small things, but they have made ALL the difference to us, and to this dog. He is warm. He is comfortable. He is safe. He has toys and dog dishes and he is loved, and this is all 100 times more than he had a month ago. Thank you all for being a part of something so simple that can make such a huge difference. And Thank You for letting me be of service to such a wonderful community.

© Lissa Jagodnik

© Lissa Jagodnik


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5 comments on “Letter From a BN Admin

  1. This is a great story! I am an animal lover to the core; have 2 German Shepherd dogs and various other pets. I love Hans’ name (happens to be my middle name). In case you aren’t aware, Hans is likely a Belgian Malinois and / or Dutch Shepherd (quite possibly a mix). Both breeds are highly intelligent. I can definitely see the Mali in him. Is he high energy? Mali’s are known to be VERY high energy dogs and need an owner that can reciprocate. He appears to be fairly young, so he will likely get into trouble if he isn’t stimulated BOTH mentally and physically. That may be why he was returned as being a rough boy; he may not have been getting his requirements met. Police agencies the world over highly prize these breeds for their innate ability to work very hard and not give up. That comes from their high intelligence and drive (translation: ENERGY!!). See here for info regarding both breeds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_police_dog_breeds and follow the appropriate links.

    I wish you luck in homing him. He will make an awesome working dog for the right household.


  2. This dog looks like the actor dog on Person of Interest, which is a highly trained security/guard dog.

  3. Update to this post: Hans found a wonderful home thanks to the efforts of the Woof Project and with help along the way from many Buy Nothing Members!

  4. Awesome to keep giving than keep for no reason.the reward you feel from giving & helping people, is good Karma.What goes around more will keep coming soo keep giving! God Bless this site, it’s actually one of the golden rules “do onto others as if it were being done to you.its way more rewarding in my the heart, to give rather to receive.try it, it’s addicting. And always both parties feel good and appreciate the barter ,exchange & giveaway deals.theres usually a great story included.So please start giving today.forget about that yards sale you’ve been thinking about having.what a hassle, not to mention the mess afterwards. Keep the kindness & compassion going.thats really what our world needs.we need to take care of our own Country, before we send any money $ outside our country to help the poor & hungry.We need to take care of the hungry, poor, homeless,&hopeless out there.Never give up on HOPE! God Bless!

  5. What a beautiful belgian malinois! I have one, and they are so SMART and loving, but they are high energy! I am so glad you found this guy a home.

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