Buy Nothing Documents (All Languages)

As a fully volunteer-run organization, we rely on the gift of volunteer time and expertise in providing translations for all of our foundational documents. We are committed to offering our open-source documents in every language possible, to include anyone who would like to participate in a local gift economy and learn the magic of building community in this manner. We know that translating is a time intensive labor of love. The Language & Accessibility Team helps to facilitate this process by creating drafts using DeepL or Google translate, as is available. For some languages these tools are more helpful than others.

We are also committed to making our resources accessible to individuals with low vision or blindness, hearing impairments or deafness, and the many other neuro differences that make us who we are.

If you are looking to share the gift of your expertise in translation or accessibility with the Buy Nothing Project movement or if you are looking for a translation to help reach members of your community please send us an email at

We thank you for your patience with our response time to your inquiries and the time it may take us to get new translations finalized. We are all working around our daily lives to give the gift of our time to the Buy Nothing Project.

Chinese – Traditional (Hong Kong) / 中文(繁體)

Danish / Dansk

Dutch / Nederlands

English – American

English – Australian/British/Canadian

Finnish / suomeksi

French / français

German / Deutsch

Greek / Ελληνικά

Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia

Italian / Italiano

Rules for Facebook Rules Feature

Japanese / 日本語

Malay / Bahasa Melayu

Polish / Polski

Portuguese / Português

Portuguese (Brazilian) / Português (BR)

Romanian / Românesc

Spanish / Español

Welsh / Cymraeg


  • The All About the Buy Nothing Project file is only available in English because it links to the website, which is currently only in English. For languages other than English we have translated documents, Rules & Suggestions and the Community Agreement (links above), which you can copy and paste so that information is available in the languages needed.
  • If you would like to have the description available in multiple languages in a Facebook group you may have noticed Facebook limits you to 3,000 characters. One suggestion is to create a second language (& others if desired) Google document with the description. Then use a link to that in your description with a short sentence or two in the second language. You can make a shorter URL using or something similar.