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In the Media

The Buy Nothing Project is in the News!

The Buy Nothing Local Gift Economies

The Washington Post: The Buy Nothing Movement: Give Up Your Stuff and Pick Up Some Friends

Grist: Join a Buy Nothing Group and Feel Warm ‘n Fuzzy

Mother Nature Network: How Does The Buy Nothing Project Work?

Upworthy: He wanted to do something beautiful to welcome his dying wife home for the last time.

Voice of America: Gift Economies Strengthen Communities

Yahoo News!: Want a stranger’s half-eaten pizza? Need to rent a treehouse? Technology can help

NPR/KPLU: Can We Buy a Little Less and Share a Little More?

GreenBiz: Paradigm Shifts Transform Waste, Entrepreneurship, Activism

KOMO News: Local Families Embracing a Buy Nothing Christmas

CW7Michigan: The Buy Nothing Project Has Reached Kalamazoo

Faux Show: Buy Nothing

KOMO News: Strangers Come Together to Organize Dream Wedding

CSRwire Talkback: If Not Now, When? Exploring Sustainable Initiatives That Need an Extra Push

Everyday Cheapskate: Five Highly Useful Free Websites

Philly Mag: Cool New Way to Get (and Give Away) Free Stuff

Work Stew Podcast: Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller, Creators of The Buy Nothing Project

I Heart Budgets: The Buy Nothing Project

Bainbridge Magazine: Zero Impact

A Life Unprocessed: Start Or Join a Buy Nothing Facebook Group

The Inkless Link: Staying Afloat: The Two Sides of the Government Shutdown

The Bipolar Mystic: The Buy Nothing Project

My Make Do And Mend Year: The Buy Nothing Project

Wallyhood: Give (Anything) To Your Neighbors

The Darling Bakers: My Gradual Conversion To Minimalism

South Seattle Emerald: Buy Nothing: South Seattle Group Exhorts The Virtue of Less Consumerism


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