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Our volunteers are stewards of the Buy Nothing Project, and essential to its continued success.  If you have some spare time each week, love the Buy Nothing Project, and would like to help this amazing experiment grow in your neighborhood, we would love for you to join  us!

The primary responsibility of the Local Admin is to uphold, through example and explanation, the Mission and Principles of the Buy Nothing Project.  

The primary duties of the Local Admin are to:

  • Regularly review posts and comments, and take action regarding posts and comments that do not fit within our Rules;
  • Regularly engage members with Admin posts, comments and encouraging remarks;
  • Respond to all membership inquiries in a timely manner;
  • Respond to member questions or concerns and resolve group issues in a timely manner, in keeping with all Buy Nothing Project policies;
  • Actively participate in the hyper-localization (sprouting) process, as we move closer to our goal of a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies;
  • Regularly review our volunteer-centered forums and groups, and participate in these groups in order to engage and collaborate with other admins.

It is very important for our volunteers to be familiar with our Rules and Standards. Make sure to review these before moving forward.  Another great source of information is our Frequently Asked Questions page.  All Admins are also asked to regularly review and be familiar with our Mission and Principles.

We perform these duties collaboratively, with each admin taking on the tasks that feel most comfortable to them, as long as all of these tasks are completed.  While these duties are often shared, it is important that every Local Admin be able and willing to take on any and all of these tasks if necessary.

Local Admins estimate that they spend 15-60 minutes per day looking over the groups, reviewing posts, replying to questions, verifying membership requests, and participating in the group, depending on the size and activity level in a group, as well as the number of co-Admins.  

We recommend that all Admins have some access to a computer. Volunteers with access to Facebook only via their phone may have difficulty performing certain tasks.

Would you like to join an Admin team for your local Buy Nothing group? Check with the admin of your group to find out if there are openings in your neighborhood!

If you have received an invitation to become a Local Admin via email, your next step is to return to that email and follow the additional instructions.

Once you become a member of the Buy Nothing Project Volunteer Forum and your Local Admins group, you will be provided with further details on how we perform each of these tasks.  Our Admin Reference Manual covers a wide range of topics and procedures, and provides a wealth of information for you to read at your own pace.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.  Your Regional Admin, the other Local Admins in your Region, and the Global Admin team are all available to support and assist you whenever possible.

No group in your neighborhood? Contact us so that we can get one started!

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