Happy Earth Day and Launch of The Buy Nothing Home!

Dear Community, 

Happy Earth Month to everyone!  

Here’s what this email is all about: 
  • Our ask for your Earth Day contribution to help keep Buy Nothing growing.
  • Our gift to you: The new Buy Nothing Home! 
  • New app feature update.

Thank you for coming along on the ride with us as we build out the BuyNothing platform together with you in public. It continues to be our joy to design, build and expand the resources that we offer the world as a Buy Nothing gift, to nourish this global movement. At last count, there are over 7,000 Buy Nothing communities, 350,000 individual downloads of our app, and approximately 6 million participants in at least 120 countries. 

If Buy Nothing has added anything good to your life, we are asking for your financial support so we can continue to build this movement, improve our platform, add features to our app, and inspire millions more people to join us all. We have monthly server costs to cover, a list of features we’d like to add, and more freely-given resources we’d like to create for everyone to use on every platform. No contribution is too small or too big. Thank you SO much to those of you have contributed, both one time and on a recurring basis. You are making this possible and we are grateful for your help. 

As an Earth Day gift to you, we’re excited to invite you to our Buy Nothing Home. This is a collection of our personal tips and ideas to inspire you to live the BuyNothing life - And we hope you’ll add to the mix by sharing your own ideas and photos online, using #buynothinghome so we can find your posts and share them with the world, too. 

BuyNothing app update:  The app now includes many new features that weren’t included in earlier versions (search, a community page, community impact stats, personal user activity, grid view for posts, and much more). You’re missing out if you haven’t updated yet! Quick update tutorial: go to the app store/play store, search for “BuyNothing app” then click “update.” 
If you’d like a fully detailed rundown of all of our app updates, please see this blog post. 

We’re proud to have a free and independent app that makes Buy Nothing instantly accessible to everyone who’d like a mobile platform, custom-built for their Buy Nothing life. We’re also proud that the presence of Buy Nothing on other platforms continues to grow, guided by our freely-given resources. Together, the impact we’re having on the earth matters. Every hour of the day, between the northern and southern hemispheres of our lovely planet, people are: 

  • Keeping items in use through giving and receiving,
  • Sharing items through lending and borrowing,
  • Expressing gratitude,
  • Offering inspiration and suggestions to help others reduce-reuse-rethink,
  • Building person-to-person connections 

And all of this is diverting goods from our landfills and incinerators, building trust in our shared abundance, making it cool to reuse instead of buying new, and building a Buy-Nothing-New habit in millions of people. And we can do even more! Your financial support of our bootstrap operation will make it possible for us to continue this work. We’ve volunteered full-time for almost 10 years now and are looking forward to the next decade with your help. 

Many thanks,
Liesl, Lucas, Rebecca & Tunji
The Buy Nothing Project Team