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Admins: A Letter to You
Truthfully, we had no idea. Many of you know the beginnings of the project. And look at us now! It's truly amazing and inspirational that we have built this social movement, together and the world clearly needs us. We see it as a sign of hope that we each can create something in our local communities that can have such a profound impact on the people around us.

This letter is to those of you who have spent your time, energy and soul to help build community around you. We are the builders!

It's been a crazy couple of years for the project as we came to realize, when we nearly doubled in numbers due to the pandemic, that running a social movement like this is not sustainable and the platform we’ve been using, Facebook, has been undergoing changes that are not conducive to local gifting. We’ve kept supporting this growth, for love. Now, we’re building a custom platform just for all of us. You can continue on Facebook and you can join us in the new BuyNothing app and continue building community in new ways.

We’re grateful for your special talents in stewarding local giving. And now you can take it to the new frontier where each of us is the center of our own sharing circle. You are welcome to share this BN admins-only URL with your fellow admins. Please join us and help shape our future by doing what you do best at BuyNothing.

Gratefully, Liesl and Rebecca.
Transitioning from Facebook
Are you an Admin of a current FB BN Group? Or a current/previous member of a FB BN Group?
Here are some tips to transitioning into the app, for yourself and your group.
Recognize that transitioning will take time
The app is new, and it will take time for people to come to the app and start building community. In many ways, the app is like the beginnings of the Buy Nothing Project when it first started. People will come, but we may have to help one another find the app and start participating. And if you're wondering if you can share on both FB and in the app? Absolutely!
Things you can do in your Facebook group
Pin a post to your group letting people know you are transitioning. View Sample FB Posts. Modify your group description and add a new group banner in your facebook group settings. View FB Group Description and Banners.
Spread the word to everyone in your community
Share the following post and link on your social media pages to spread the word:
"I’m building a gift economy in the BuyNothing app. Please join me! Let’s share our abundance, reduce our waste, build a circular economy, and strengthen ties within our community: www.buynothingproject.org"

Here's a note you can send to folks trying to join your group, or who live outside of your area who are requesting to join your group, to let them know your community is moving over to the app:
"Hi (person's name)! I'm an admin of the Buy Nothing (group name) group. I see you in the queue to join the group. We've made an app for Buying Nothing! We've moved to the free BuyNothing app, available in the App Store or Google Play. Please download the app and join us all there!"
Use our Tools and Resources to build engagement
Take a self-guided lesson from our Academy. View tips, inspirations, and sample posts you can use to foster community-building and local sharing in your part of the world!