Features for Sustaining Members
New features added frequently, check back often!

Sustaining Members keep Buy Nothing going, allowing us to offer the BuyNothing app and its foundational features to everyone around the world as a gift, to maintain and add to our website of free resources, to squash bugs, and to keep developing and growing to include more people in more ways. Thank you! We're more grateful than we can say, so please accept the following special features as our gift for you, in gratitude for your support.
Bookmark Your Posts
Click the green bookmark icon to save a post, then adjust your home page filter to see your bookmarked posts. You can choose the filter you'd like: Active, All, or Bookmarked, at the top of your home page feed.

The red arrow in this image points to the green bookmark icon
Pick a Special Status for Your Give Posts

Flag your posts as Let it Simmer or Flash Give. You'll find this option every time you open a new Give post using the Share "+" button in the center of the taskbar across the bottom of your screen.
Save Multiple Locations
Save up to 5 locations to make it that much easier to BuyNothing everywhere you go. Home, work, school, family, vacation - Now you can save a handful of BuyNothing communities to make it fast to connect whenever you're present in each one. You'll find this feature at the very top of your BN home page screen.

How to Become a Sustaining Member
  • Log into the BuyNothing app
  • Go to your "Me" page by clicking on the "Me" in the horizontal taskbar across the bottom of your Home screen
  • On your "Me" page, click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Scroll down to the Subscriptions section
  • Click on "Become a Sustaining Member"
  • Choose whether you'd like to become an Annual Sustaining Member for $49.99/year USD or a Monthly Sustaining Member for $4.99/month
  • Click "Subscribe" and follow the directions on the secure payment page to complete your Sustaining Member subscription.
Our deepest gratitude to all Sustaining Members - Your recurring support keeps the foundational Buy Nothing resources and platform free for everyone.