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Buy Nothing Public Library
Peruse our collection of resources created to help you and your community build a vibrant Buy Nothing gift economy and a strong web of connections.
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Buy Nothing Helpful Posts & Tools

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Learn & Build Buy Nothing

Buy Nothing Educational Resources

Buy Nothing Private Group Resources

Uncomfortable Conversations

Social Justice, Equity, Accessibility & Safety

These are resources, articles, and essays, many written by Buy Nothing Project volunteers, many of them Equity Team members, and also resources suggested by many Buy Nothing Project volunteers and participants, on a this range of vitally important subjects. They're offered here so each of us can educate ourselves, think more deeply, and take action to build a better world and a better Buy Nothing experience for our communities. 

Additional Resources from the Buy Nothing Co-Founders

Buy Nothing Private Group Growth Resources

These are resources for Buy Nothing private groups that are still on Facebook, dealing with the inherent tension that comes when communities combine the Buy Nothing mission to be inclusive with the exclusivity of private groups with geographic boundaries. Groups that would like an community model built to be more inclusive and individually empowering are encouraged to give our independent BN app a try.

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About the Buy Nothing Library

In our ongoing effort to provide open source materials for anyone endeavoring to build a local gift economy in their community, we’re building our own public library of resources, a curated collection of links for your needs.

Each one of these resources is written by someone who has thought deeply about the Buy Nothing experience or about gift economies in general and we see them as helpful guiding lights for anyone on a Buy Nothing journey toward equitable sharing.

Each author of these works maintains their own documents and edits them as they see fit. Some have Creative Commons licenses so you can use them within your own gift economy and/or share them widely with those in your circle who want to learn more about the mindset of abundance and inclusion we’re all working hard to seed.

If you have a question about any of these resources or how to use these tools to create or improve your Buy Nothing community, or if you have a resource you’d like to submit for possible inclusion in the Buy Nothing Public Library, you can reach the team of Volunteer Buy Nothing Librarians by visiting our Help Center.