Product Update 2022.02.09

App Release 1.4

Has it really been only 10 weeks since we launched globally? Holy smokes. To all of you new members, welcome! For those that held on to the mast with us during the early beta voyage, thank you! We've come so far together (and we're just getting started)!

It just got easier to browse posts!

We've made some subtle, and some bolder, updates to the design of the feed. 


By default, the home feed is now filtered to show only Active posts, excluding posts that are Gifted, Fulfilled, and No Longer Available. You also don't have to leave the feed to quickly scan multiple photo posts

Active and All Filters
Active excludes Posts that are: Gift-Gifted, Ask-Fulfilled, and No Longer Available
Quick Image View
You can now quickly swipe to see multiple images. You can still tap to view full images

Add Comments

To add or view comments, you’ll need to tap the comment icon here; or if a comment exists, you can tap the comment
Description and Post Type

Post description and post type (e.g. Gift) have moved beneath the image
The ME screen now has tabs!

Your Activity tab lets you respond to comments and messages more easily.
Activity Tab
All comments to your posts, replies to your comments, and messages to you will be viewable (and clickable) here! You no longer need to rely on Push Notifications to keep track of comments and messages! Huray.
Seen/Unseen Groupings
Items you have not tapped on appear in your Unseen group. Once you tap to view the comment or message, it will be moved to your Seen group. Workflow baby, yeah!

On your Posts tab, you can now keep your posts updated... in light speed!
Active Posts (default)
By default, we know you only want to see the active posts.
Streamline Post Updates
Now you can quickly scan and update/edit your posts in the new view

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