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Send a Sustaining Membership to family, friends & neighbors
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Note: This is a 2-step process
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Step 1:

Buy Nothing Annual Sustaining Membership keeps Buy Nothing going and growing, and provides Sustaining Members with some BuyNothing app features that make it even easier to Give and Ask, all for $49.95 for a full year ($4.16/month).

Step 1: Use the "Gift a Sustaining Membership" button below to make your $49.95 contribution to the Buy Nothing Project on behalf of your gift recipient. You'll be taken to our Stripe payment portal then you'll be returned to this page where you can complete Step 2 below (the registration form).

As soon as we receive both your contribution and your gift registration form, we'll reach out to your gift recipient. We'll share your name only, not your email, along with a message that includes instructions on downloading the BN app if your gift recipient isn't already a member.

Your contribution will sustain Buy Nothing for another year and your gift recipient will receive all the benefits of Sustaining Membership for a full year. Thank you for sharing the abundance and building the worldwide BN community!

Fine print: This gift is for a year (365 days) of Buy Nothing Sustaining Membership.

Step 2:

Step 2: Complete and submit this gift registration form so we can reach out to your gift recipient to let them know they've received the gift of a year of BuyNothing Sustaining Membership!

If your gift recipient is already part of the BuyNothing app community, we'll find them with the information you provide and let them know about your gift. If they're not already part of BuyNothing, please ask them to complete this form to let us know when they join so we can start their Sustaining Membership then.

(as always, we'll use the information you provide only for the purposes of this gift, unless you choose to subscribe your own email to our BN Newsletters via the check box below).

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Did you receive the gift of a Sustaining Membership subscription but don't see the green leaf icon applied to your BuyNothing app profile?

Please complete this form so we can find you in the app and activate your Sustaining Membership!

Would YOU like to become a Sustaining Member? It's even easier to give this gift to yourself:
  • Log into the BuyNothing app
  • Go to your "Me" page by tapping on the "Me" in the horizontal taskbar across the bottom of your Home screen
  • On your "Me" page, tap on the gray gear Settings icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Scroll down to the Subscriptions section
  • Tap on "Become a Sustaining Member"
  • Choose whether you'd like to become an Annual Sustaining Member for $49.99/year USD or a Monthly Sustaining Member for $6.99/month
  • Tap on "Subscribe" and follow the directions on the secure payment page to complete your Sustaining Member subscription