Impact Partnership Details
Guidelines for Impact Partners
Get the Most from Your Promotional Posts
To post as an Impact Partner:

• Set up your Buy Nothing profile in the app in the name of your business or organization and include a representative photo.

• Post no more than 2 posts per week (you don’t want to appear like spam in the BuyNothing app). We tend not to post, for example, more than one Buy Nothing Tip per week.

• Your posts are promotions for services or local tips, events, and information. We do not allow sales of products on the BuyNothing app. You can include links in your posts.
How We Help You Increase Your Impact
  • Community Connections: You become part of a special global network of neighborhoods that care about sustainability and living frugally and joyfully
  • Exclusivity in Your Sector: We curate the businesses that partner with us. Each one will have exclusivity in their market sector. The more geolocations you pay for, the greater your exclusive coverage.
  • We Promote Our Partners: In our app, through this exclusive deal, and on our website (between 3,000 - 5,000 unique visits/day). Please provide us with a high resolution logo.
Together We Are Building Stronger Communities and a Healthier Planet