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From the beginning, we've envisioned a BuyNothing platform that fully supports all the wonderful ways people share with others in their community. Now that we have basic gift economy functionality, we are looking at ways to build new features that include new aspects of reuse and community connection. Help us better support the sharing in our communities, and in a way that fully embodies the BuyNothing spirit.

This survey is to get your input on a number of things we hope to do.

Buy Nothing Circular Reuse Initiatives
Please fill out this survey to help us determine our next steps regarding possible BuyNothing features.
Gift Deliveries
Have you experienced missed pickups? Ghosting? Maybe you missed out on a flash give because you couldn't get there in time. The Gift Delivery feature would help address these pain points. On a gift-by-gift basis, you could choose to request timely delivery of a BuyNothing gift you've been chosen to receive. A neighbor could opt to serve as your Gift Delivery person, bringing the gift to you for a small fee. We'd like this feature to include a pay-it-forward option, so people could cover delivery fees for more neighbors to share the BuyNothing abundance. And of course, gifts of delivery are not going away - We support and encourage them! The app would manage collection and distribution of delivery fees and calculate the best route for multiple pickups and deliveries, saving gas and lowering our collective carbon footprint. This initiative is intended to solve the common "no-show" problem in gifting communities while also providing gig income for neighbors willing to do community Deliveries.
Connect with Makers
Our communities are full of Makers and Creators. Local Makers build a better world by turning old items into beautiful new creations. Imagine fabric scraps, used clothing, broken dishes, rundown furniture, candle remnants, bottle caps, metals refashioned and given new life. We are envisioning a vibrant marketplace that celebrates everyone in the Creator Economy where Makers can sell their Reuse wares in a completely separate space from the gift economy. This would be a companion channel providing an in-app Maker-space, ensuring nothing goes to waste.
Connect with Fixers
Sometimes things break. This would be a space where you find just the right local person to fix your broken items, saving you from buying new, keeping things in circulation and out of the landfill. In addition to creating a local Fixers market, this feature would also keep you up to date on Fix-It Fairs and other events where you could build your DIY Fixer skills. This would be in a companion channel, a completely separate space from your local gift economy.
We'd love to know what you think about these initiatives. If you're a Maker or Fixer, we'd love to know more about what you create and what you can fix. If you're not a Maker or Fixer yet, would you be interested in learning how to become one? Do you have another idea that would help create a strong circular economy that builds connections between people and keeps materials in use?
And now, tell us a little about yourself (if you'd like).
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