Buy Nothing Project
Creating Connections
You can share these posts and images to help create connections between your Buy Nothing community members. Each entry below is a different Buy Nothing game or activity you can share with your community. Just copy and paste the text into an Ask or Give post and add the photo below (or use one of your own).
photo of a tiny wooden mouse next to a larger brass elephant with a bouquet of dahlias in the background
Big Ask, Little Ask
We all have things that we’ve “always wanted to have” - Post your wishes here! Maybe someone has just the thing you're hoping for, and they're waiting for you to speak up. I know a lot of us really get a kick out of being able to gift something that would mean a lot to someone else!

Here in your Buy Nothing community, there is no Ask too big and no Ask too small. To put this into practice, I have an activity for us today: 

Big Ask Little Ask
I challenge each of you to think of something small that you would probably buy this week, something so small that you wouldn’t think to ask for it – and ask for it here! (Who knows if someone will have it to give to you, maybe they will!)
And then… think of something big that you would love to receive in your wildest dreams, something so big that you wouldn’t think to ask for it – and ask for it here! (Who knows if someone will have it to give you, maybe they will!)

To Participate:
1) Put your big/small Asks in a comment on this thread. (I’ll start, so you can see what it might look like.)
2) Have fun looking through other people’s big/small Asks and seeing if they’re asking for something that you have to give. If so, please comment here (tagging their name) and tell them what you have for them. THEN, please move your conversation about pickup/drop off to private messages so we keep this thread somewhat tidy. 

Let the big and small asking and giving begin!!

Image description: a brass elephant figurine towers over a small wooden mouse figurine, with fresh colorful flowers behind them, photo copyright Rebecca Rockefeller

photo of a dandelion blossom in a small clear vase
First Gift Challenge
Have you joined but not offered a gift yet? This challenge is for you!

Pick something you’d like to give today. It could be for an item as small as a stapler or as big as a couch (or think smaller/bigger!). 

It could be sharing your talent for cooking, gardening or anything else.

It could be giving of your time to help post someone else’s items they want to give or to deliver items for a community member who doesn’t drive. 

What are you waiting for? Pick a gift and post your first Give! 

Image description: a dandelion blossom in a small clear glass posy vase sits on a windowsill, photo copyright Katylin Enoch Seraphim Justin
photo of a lion fish in an aquarium
Go Fish
Hello, wonderful Buy Nothing community! Have you ever sat there looking at an item and said, “Wow, this would be great…if I had the other piece" ?

Maybe you have the lid to a blender, but no blender; maybe your neighbors have a blender with no lid!

Maybe you have an adorable earring and hate to get rid of it; maybe someone has a similar single hanging out that would form a new eclectic pair.

If a match is made, the person asking gets to keep the complete match (kind of like the card game “Go Fish!”) they can always choose to give it away. 

Post something that you need a part to or a match to here in the comments. 
Let’s see what we can re-assemble one piece at a time. I’ll start - I'm looking for (INSERT YOUR ITEM HERE)

Image description – Beautiful black, brown, and white striped lionfish at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, Sarasota, FL, USA. Image Copyright Liesl Clark
photo of a red fleece heart that's been stitched onto lavender fleece to mend a hole
Broken and Beautiful
For today’s challenge, think of something you have that is broken and beautiful, to give to someone who could make use of it, or to ask for a repair.

We all have things that we would hate to see go to waste, things that are meaningful, lovely and useful – but broken. If only someone could mend that strap, sew a patch onto that sweater with a hole, refurbish that dresser you inherited from your grandma, tighten that screw on an old, beloved chair, fix your laptop.

If you have the talent to fix, or would like to give to someone who can, this is a great place to do it.

Together let’s turn our trash into treasure!

Image description: photograph of a red fleece heart that's been stitched onto lavender fleece to mend a hole, photo copyright Rebecca Rockefeller
an invitation that says
Invite A Friend
Hello Buy Nothing community,
Thank you for joining! BuyNothing is all about building connected communities. We want to know and support our neighbors.

Will you help us build a thriving BuyNothing community? If you invite one friend today and they invite one friend tomorrow, we'll be able to include our entire community in this gift economy goodness.

Tell your neighbors and friends who live near or far. Invite them. Send them a link to download BuyNothing so they can join in today: here is the App Store for iPhone and here is the Play Store for Android.

Thank you so much for joining - there's no limit to what we can build and share together.

You're Invited to Join Buy Nothing! 
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Tell Your Friends about Buy Nothing
Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who want to spread the love and add your friends! 
If you have friends that you think would love to join us and they live nearby, please reach out to them directly and person-to-person, the BuyNothing way. You can give them the link to the app or even show them how to find it. 
Thanks again for wanting to spread the love.
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