Help Us Build a Global List of Gift Economies
Would you like to list your gift economy community on our website? We maintain an online list of all gift economies that identify themselves as part of the worldwide Buy Nothing movement. Please complete this form so we can add, update, or remove your gift economy from our online list.

Thousands of people visit our list each day to find gift economies near them, so they can Give, Ask, Share Gratitude and build connections. We’d love to include your gift economy, no matter what platform you use, to help people find and join your community.

Complete this form if you’d like to add your community to our list, change the way your community is listed, or remove your community from the list. We will use the information you provide on this form to add your gift economy to the list, to edit an existing listing, or to remove your community from the list at your request. Our list is organized by nation – state/province – city – neighborhood/affinity group/organization/etc. and we will add your gift economy to one place on the global list, according to the information you provide.

All of the people maintaining this list are volunteers. We input and publish new information as quickly as we can, but there may be a delay before your listing or changes go live. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.