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Buy less and share more.
It makes us all richer and the planet cleaner.
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The world's gift economy platform. Everyone is welcome.

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We exist for the sole purpose of building community.
The Buy Nothing Project was founded in 2013 with the mission to build community by connecting people through hyperlocal gifting, and reducing our impact on the environment. Our mission has not changed. In fact, we've doubled down by investing in our own platform that will allow us (collectively) to realize this mission to its fullest.
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What Makes Buy Nothing Unique
Give. Ask. Gratitude.
The Buy Nothing Project is the world's biggest gift economy, being used in communities around the world, allowing neighbors to share freely with one another.

What is a gift economy? It means everything shared on Buy Nothing is given freely, no money, no barter, no strings. Free.

On Buy Nothing, you can post three things:
  • GIFTS of items or services that others can use
  • ASKS for things you could use
  • GRATITUDES to show appreciation and thanks

Our communities are guided by Community Builders that offer help, guidance, reminders, creative challenges, and overall positive vibes to help our communities thrive.

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Find your abundance mindset.

GIVE away something or ASK for something you want.
Post a GIFT that someone else could use, an ASK for something you could use, or express your GRATITUDE.
Our gift to you.
We've prepared a virtual journey through a Buy Nothing home. Use our rooms as a guide to reduce, reuse, and revitalize your living space and reconnect with neighbors close by!
Connect to our toolkit for Buy Nothing humanitarian aid.
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Launched on Nov 26, Buy Nothing Day! New episodes in the works!