We’re committed to building a community where everyone feels safe and builds a sense of belonging.
You participate at your own risk and we are committed to building a culture and a platform
that empowers you to Buy Nothing while you put your own safety first.
Your safety is our top priority and we will continue to find ways to help protect and secure your account.
BE CAREFUL: You Participate At Your Own Risk
You participate at your own risk. We implore you to prioritize your own safety in all ways, at all times. Be careful sharing your personal information, be careful when arranging to connect with others as you Give, Ask, and Share your Buy Nothing gifts, be careful and put your own safety first. 
How to Report a Post or a User
Report a user or a post by clicking/tapping the three dots next to a post or user in the feed. This will send our Support team an email that will be reviewed and action taken, if necessary, within 24 hours. As a reminder, we have zero tolerance for abuse and will act quickly to remove users and content within 24 hours that violate our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
How to Block a user from seeing me and my content
Block another user from seeing you and your posts/comments by clicking/tapping the three dots next to a post or user in the feed.
Illegal Activities
Report illegal activity to the appropriate local legal authority
Report any illegal activities directly to your appropriate local legal authority. The Buy Nothing Project does not have any legal enforcement capabilities, so illegal acts need to be reported directly to your local authorities who can take appropriate action.