Want to Set Up a Buy Nothing Community?
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This page will help you find everything you need to start building:
Get Your Community Builder Badge
Community Builders are the heart of Buy Nothing. 
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Join Our Community Builder Forum
We host a forum just for Buy Nothing Community Builders, where you can connect with others for tips, inspiration and resources that will bring your local BN group to life.
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Is your BN private group getting too big?
Getting ready to Sprout or Cap your group?
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Buy Nothing Academy
Dig in deeper into the Buy Nothing ethos, guidelines, and practical applications to build community in our BN Academy. Everything you need to become a Community Builder, at your own pace. 

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Tools and Freesources
Find all the tools and freesources you need to build community.
Help spark the giving, or to remind others about the BuyNothing culture we’ve cultivated over the years. They include photos you can download and text!
In person Buy Nothing events are a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and to share in the abundance in your community.
Yes, our own public library of resources, a curated collection of links for your needs, written by someone who has thought deeply about the Buy Nothing experience.

Thank You Notes that you can download as images and print out. We print them on all kinds of paper, often scrap paper, for leaving behind when we pick up a gift.
BNP Tips You Can Post
Click through for a bunch of BN Tips you can share with your BN community, to explain how things work.
Does your Buy Nothing private group have outdated documents or broken links? Let's fix that! We have a new system so this should be the last update you'll need to make! Click through below to get up to date.
In-App Support Posts for Community Builders
This resource is offline for a little while while we update it. Please check back soon for these posts and images you're welcome to use in the app to help answer app-related questions!
Print and post flyers throughout your community.
Use your Buy Nothing community as a tool for humanitarian aid.