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Buy less and share more.
It makes us all richer and the planet cleaner.
Welcome to the Buy Nothing Project!
The world's gift economy platform. Come join us in our new mobile app! It's free and everyone is welcome.
Launching Fri Nov 26 - Buy Nothing Day!
Buy Nothing, The Podcast
We exist for the sole purpose of building community.
The Buy Nothing Project was founded in 2013 with the mission to build community by connecting people through hyperlocal gifting, and reducing our impact on the environment. Our mission has not changed. In fact, we've doubled down by investing in our own platform that will allow us (collectively) to realize this mission to its fullest.
More About Us
How it works
Give. Ask. Gratitude.
Buy Nothing lets you give away things others can use (Gift Post), ask for things you could use (Ask Post), and express gratitude in your community (Gratitude Post). No solicitation, no money, no barter. All free, no strings.

We hope that everyone feels safe and free to express themselves and be a part of their community through sharing.

Read Your Community Commitment and check out the Buy Nothing Community Guidelines.
We're just getting started, but here are a few things you can do in the app right now.
See what people are sharing in your community
Your home feed shows you posts from everyone around you, while the bottom menu allows you to view private messages in your Inbox, share a new post, and view your Profile and Settings.
Give away something or ask for something you need
Post a GIFT that someone else could use, an ASK for something you could use, or express your GRATITUDE.
Jump in and join the conversation!
Express your interest in an item or respond to an ask by offering something you have in the post comments screen. This is where the conversation happens! Be creative!
Easily manage your posts and let others know if your gifts are received, or asks fulfilled!
From your profile, you can see, edit, and update the status of all your posts. You can also view another user's profile to see their posts.
Rethink buying your gifts this holiday!
GIVE and ASK from others in your local community.
Take the Challenge
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