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Take the Challenge! Here's How It Works
Rethink buying your gifts this holiday.
Instead, GIVE and ASK from others in your local community. It works!
Invite Others to Join
BuyNothing App: Download the app and share with your nearby friends and neighbors. App links are below.
FB Group: Prefer using FB? That's fine too. Invite your group using the Challenge Image (top of the page)!
Distribute the Poster: See the poster at bottom with a QR code to join the challenge. Distribute and share with others.
Post an ASK with your Holiday Wishlist
Post an ASK post in the app with your gift wishlist, and include #buynothingholidaychallenge in your post.
Post a GIVE with Items Others can Gift
Post a GIFT post in the app with items others can gift, and include #buynothingholidaychallenge in your post.

Share your GRATITUDE!

And don't forget to post your GRATITUDE and share on your socials #buynothingholidaychallenge!

This is how we change the world and inspire others, too.