Buy Nothing on Facebook

If you’d like to set up a Buy Nothing community on Facebook, or any similar platform, we’ve provided you with the following resources to create your group. Setting up Facebook groups is easy and Facebook walks you through the process so we won’t do that here.

You’re welcome to upload this group description in the space for descriptions in the settings:

Facebook has a 10-rules feature that allows you to input up to 10 rules. We’ve pre-produced the following for you if you find them helpful:

You can copy and paste this “All About The Buy Nothing Project” file into your files so your members have access to all the information they need about being active in a Buy Nothing gift economy. Inside the “All About” document, you’ll find the Buy Nothing Project Equity Team’s Community Agreement, which some communities like to include in the files section of their group as a native document, as well as having the link in the “All About” document.

If you’re looking for these documents in a language other than English, please visit our “All Languages” page for translated group documents (Thank you, Buy Nothing Language & Accessibility Team!)

And lastly, if you’d like to use our banner, given to us by Crescent Moegling for use in Buy Nothing Project gift economies, you’re welcome to download this Buy Nothing banner, to signify you’re part of this social movement! Please do not modify the banner in any way. And, you’re always welcome to create and use your own banner, too!

Buy Nothing Project Banner courtesy of Crescent Moegling. All rights reserved.

But before you leave, please fill out our List Your Gift Economy form so you can be included in our worldwide Buy Nothing Gift Economy list, so people in your community can readily find your local gift economy and start sharing!

Have questions? There is a team of volunteer Buy Nothing Librarians who answer questions about these freely-given resources. You can contact a Buy Nothing Librarian via this Contact a Buy Nothing Librarian form.